1st Reunion: There Are More Words To Be Told

Taking this year theme ‘Knitting Diversity, Shaping Opportunity’ 1st English Department Reunion of UNIKAMA invited four gorgeous guest stars. This big event was held on July 31, 2016. All alumni around the country flew and gathered in Sarwakirti Hall to meet and share their experience.


There are various jobs that are offered by our departments, besides being a teacher or lecturer. Ihsanudin Fanani, S.Pd as Co Owner of Tas Kamera Bagus and Nimi’s Footwear proved himself to be a successful technopreneur. He started his career when he was in 7 semester. Another success story was told by Eko Aprianto, S.Pd who works as Guest Experience Manager at Atria Hotel Malang. He told the audience that his English proficiency does help him in gaining his career now.

Another brilliant story was told by Masrurotul Ajiza, M.Pd who works as English lecturer in ITN Malang. She started her career as lecturer’s assistant during her study. After achieving her master degree, she shines more brightly.

This year reunion also serves fresh graduates with abundant information about the paths ahead. There are also information about scholarship award from Dikti. Indah Mutimatul, S.Pd got her scholarship to Manchester University after struggling for 4 years.

There are more words to share and this reunion will be the first event to re-strengthen the bounding. See you next year with more astonishing stories to share. (Riza)