The First International Conference On Education and Social Sciences (UK-ICESS)

One of the last agenda from the 40th Anniversary of Universitas Kanjuruhan Malang was International Conference on Education and Social Science, which was held on November 9 – 10, 2016. This conference was attended by lecturers and practitioners across the nation and overseas, such as Australia and Malaysia. The Keynote Speaker was Prof. Intan Ahmad, Ph. D (General Director of Education and Student Affairs, Ministry of Research, technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia). He mentioned that character education was one of key elements in empowering people. This conference was also attended by Prof. Azlinda Azman, Ph.D (Universiti Sains Malaysia) and Associate Prof. Helen Creese (University of Queensland, Australia) as keynote speakers.

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Running Man Game in Malang: Integrating All English Skills

On Monday, October 17, 2016, English Department held an outdoor activity for practicing English comprehensively. It was an activity, which was called Running Man Game. Adapting from a successful reality show in Korea, the students needed to accomplished a series of challenges to win the game.  All first semester students joint this program in Allun-Alun kota Malang. It was fun and students tried hard to use English in real life communication because they had to interact with people there.


English For Society

EDSA (English Department Student Association) conducted an activity, called as English for Society (EFS). EFS is an annual program aimed at helping the society, especially those who live in the countryside. They gave free course for elementary school students, and taught at school around the village. This year, EFS was held in Kalipare. They lived there for five days. They started they day with a ceremony in campus and then departed to Kalipare by minibus and some motorcycles. Arriving there, they had a meeting with Perangkat Desa Kalipare. It was because they had to ask permission to people in Kalipare. On the next day, they started teaching at SDN 04 Arjowilangun and SDN 02 Arjowilangun, SMK Islam and SMP Islam Kalipare. On the last day, they conducted a farewell party. They asked SMK students made a speech in two languages, read a poem for junior high school students, and performed fashion show for elementary students. Hope to come to other wonderful places next year! (Riza)

Teaching Kids


Welcome to English Education Department

There are 103 new students are registered to English Education Department of University of Kanjuruhan Malang. They joined some interesting activities before starting the semester. First, they must completed Placement Test before signing on Integrated Course. The test aimed at identifying their prior potential in order to accelerate their achievement. They also got academic explanation and learning tips from lecturers. Hopefully they can reach their brilliant bright future.

EDSA Member in Learning Tips




1st Reunion: There Are More Words To Be Told

Taking this year theme ‘Knitting Diversity, Shaping Opportunity’ 1st English Department Reunion of UNIKAMA invited four gorgeous guest stars. This big event was held on July 31, 2016. All alumni around the country flew and gathered in Sarwakirti Hall to meet and share their experience.


There are various jobs that are offered by our departments, besides being a teacher or lecturer. Ihsanudin Fanani, S.Pd as Co Owner of Tas Kamera Bagus and Nimi’s Footwear proved himself to be a successful technopreneur. He started his career when he was in 7 semester. Another success story was told by Eko Aprianto, S.Pd who works as Guest Experience Manager at Atria Hotel Malang. He told the audience that his English proficiency does help him in gaining his career now.

Another brilliant story was told by Masrurotul Ajiza, M.Pd who works as English lecturer in ITN Malang. She started her career as lecturer’s assistant during her study. After achieving her master degree, she shines more brightly.

This year reunion also serves fresh graduates with abundant information about the paths ahead. There are also information about scholarship award from Dikti. Indah Mutimatul, S.Pd got her scholarship to Manchester University after struggling for 4 years.

There are more words to share and this reunion will be the first event to re-strengthen the bounding. See you next year with more astonishing stories to share. (Riza)

Thesis Title Proposal

Dear Scholars,

Please kindly note these important dates into your calendars:

  1. Title Proposal: August 16 – 30, 2016
  2. Advisor’ Announcement: October 2, 2016
  3. Thesis First Guidance: October 3, 2016 at 8 A.M in Sarwakirti Hall

There are some requirements that you need to do before submitting your title to the Staff, such as:

  1. Download the form in FORM PENGAJUAN JUDUL SKRIPSI
  2. 2 copies of thesis payment bill (Rp. 475.000)
  3. 1 copy of transcript
  4. Min. 135 credits or SKS, have no D in the transcript and have taken Thesis proposal Seminar subject
  5. If you do not fulfill the requirement in No.4, you can still propose your thesis title by downloading Form Tanggungan Sisa Matkul

Push and help yourself.


Head of Department,

Rusfandi, Ph.D

English Day

You can speak English, bright future is on you hand. English Day is an annual program holds by English Education Department of University of Kanjuruhan Malang, in which requires all members to use English as a medium of communication. The purpose of this program is to support teaching and learning activity inside classroom where students get theoretical knowledge but limited time to practice speaking English.

This program began with the launching program of English Day on 15 September 2015. On the launching program students were introduced with rules that should be obeyed during this program. The rules were students had to wear “English Day” bandage to remain them that they should speak English outside classroom during two days in every week, on Monday and Friday. To monitor students activity, there were spies. The spies were students and lecturers and they reminded unknown. In each month, there was gathering among spies to report students’ activities and discussion to decide “Student of the Month” to be given reward as his/her active participation in following the program. This program cannot guarantee students’ accuracy in speaking, yet, since this program be run, more students speak English and they are confident.


Figure 1 The Launching Program of English Day


Figure 2. English Day Conversation “Discussing Assignment”


Figure 3. Giving Reward for “Student of the Month” by Native Speaker Ms. Samantha Lee Martin from America. (Rizky)