English Day

You can speak English, bright future is on you hand. English Day is an annual program holds by English Education Department of University of Kanjuruhan Malang, in which requires all members to use English as a medium of communication. The purpose of this program is to support teaching and learning activity inside classroom where students get theoretical knowledge but limited time to practice speaking English.

This program began with the launching program of English Day on 15 September 2015. On the launching program students were introduced with rules that should be obeyed during this program. The rules were students had to wear “English Day” bandage to remain them that they should speak English outside classroom during two days in every week, on Monday and Friday. To monitor students activity, there were spies. The spies were students and lecturers and they reminded unknown. In each month, there was gathering among spies to report students’ activities and discussion to decide “Student of the Month” to be given reward as his/her active participation in following the program. This program cannot guarantee students’ accuracy in speaking, yet, since this program be run, more students speak English and they are confident.


Figure 1 The Launching Program of English Day


Figure 2. English Day Conversation “Discussing Assignment”


Figure 3. Giving Reward for “Student of the Month” by Native Speaker Ms. Samantha Lee Martin from America. (Rizky)

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